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What is your fondest memory the Morton Family or of a family Member?

Updated: May 10, 2023

As a child, I used to ride in the car with my father, with his whole clan in tow, which included my mom (obviously), Ida Lewis, and my sister, Tammy, officially known as Stephenia Lewis, to visit the place where my father grew up and where most of the family resided, Montclair, NJ. New Jersey was the "koolest" place in my mind. It was where all the "hip" aunts and uncles lived and their children, my first and second cousins! Visiting any of them,to me, was always considered a special treat! But, it was especially nice to visit my father's youngest brother, Earl Lewis. To me, Uncle Earl was the koolest, but he was a trip! He would get a little too much of that notty-head under his belt and then try to argue and/or engage in debate. Most of the time it was non-sense. But all the time, it was always funny, and the brothers and sisters would always have a good time! The atmosphere was full of laughter and love. Uncle Earl would get sauced and the first thing out of his mouth was, undoubtedly, his signature phrase, "Don't you get me hot!" And then folks would burst out laughing. Ah, the good times we had back then. I miss the good ole' day. And if you say that they weren't the "best of times", I will simply reply by saying to you, "Don't you get me hot!"

Pictured here was nearly all of the Lewis siblings, whose mother was Lucy Morton-Lewis. Uncle Earl is pictured on the far left of the photo. The others are Aunt Mary, Uncle Arthur, dad (Alton Lewis), Aunt Viola, and Clarence (Buck) Lewis!

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